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Zodiac | LED-BUBBLER | Housing Only


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Zodiac | LED-BUBBLER | Housing Only Zodiac | LED-BUBBLER | Housing Only Zodiac | LED-BUBBLER | Housing Only Zodiac | LED-BUBBLER | Housing Only
Zodiac | LED-BUBBLER | Housing Only
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    1. The SAVI Bubbler is designed to be installed during the Gunite phase of the pool building.

    2. Two conduits should be run to the Bubbler, though the bubbler "T" is a standard 2" PVC fitting-PVC adapter fittings should be used to reduced down to the following sizes:

    1. 1.5" PVC Pipe for water supply and
    2. 1" conduit for Pool Light Fixture Power COrd-NO 90 Deg fittings are to be used- only 45 deg. or sweep elbows are to be used

    3. The 1.5" PVC pipe supplying the water to the Bubbler should have a Gate Valve or Ball Valve installed to adjust the water supply flow to create desired water/lighting flume.

    4. The conduit for the SAVI LED Bubbler power cord should be installed such that it runs from the bubbler directly to the 12VAC UL Listed transformer

    Brand Information

    Zodiac is a leading manufacturer of pool equipment, automatic pool cleaners & swimming pool accessories. Strives to deliver the perfect pool experience that enhances comfort, enjoyment, and peace of mind for pool owners.

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  • Specifications

    Jandy LED Nicheless Light with Hydrocool Technology into Bubbler

    1. Feed Jandy LED Nicheless Light cord through bubbler conduit

    2. Set light into the bottom of the bubbler

    3. Lower installation tool into bubbler

    4. Slowly twist installation tool while maintaining slight downward pressure until the installation tool teeth drop into the grooves around the lens of the light

    5. Screw light into bubbler gently until snug

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